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Getting from Here to There . . .

JazzSkills for Piano

Welcome to JazzSkills for Piano. No fooling . . . this is the most effective method to become a jazz pianist.  This is NOT a simplified quick & easy approach.  It is a deep consistent carefully planned method of learning jazz piano to develop the actual skills which will enable you to comfortably and creatively improvise jazz.  These lessons literally take you from  . . . here to there.  We start at the beginning with classical improvisation and move toward advanced jazz study.

In this method you are given specific lessons activities and information to place in your subconscious. Each small step is learned completely.  It is the subconscious which does the work.  Eventually it’s the subconscious which does all the playing!  You develop your jazz piano skills step by step at your own pace.  You have the joy of playing jazz!  This method works: you will learn how to play jazz piano with my online lessons.  Let’s get started!


Getting from here to there . . .

Who are you???  What do you want to accomplish???   Examine the skills that you presently have . . . and then surmise what skills you want to achieve.  That will let you know which lessons need to be mastered first-second-third-etc. For instance:

  • If you are a beginning pianist who wants to start the improv process by learning theory, the theory lessons and motion exercises are here to get you started.
  • If you are an accomplished classical pianist who wants to develop general improvisation skills, there are specific lessons just for you.
  • If you are a teen who is being introduced to jazz band, look for the specific lessons which will teach you how and what to comp . . . and how to solo.
  • Are you a jazz player who wants to deepen your skills, there are advanced lessons for you.
  • Are you a vocalist who wants to learn enough comping skills to back yourself, there are great lessons in developing comping skills.

Enjoy the fun of playing JAZZ!!!

    • Learn triads, sevenths, open voicings and extended jazz chords
    • Develop beginning principles of improvisation
    • Practice many "Motion Exercises"
    • Learn the Cycle of Keys
    • Learn to play the Blues in different styles
    • Develop different jazz styles
    • Learn how to create a tune chart for deep learning
    • Study the TriTone Substitutions
    • Use Progressions
    • Study Groove Tunes
    • Develop comping and soloing skills
    • Improve your groove, rhythm and time
    • Develop bass lines
    • Develop your OWN piano style
    • Develop Modal Playing
    • And much more . . .

    What is JazzSkills for Piano?

    • Over 200 individual video lessons. Each lesson develops one skill to be mastered by the subconscious.
    • Downloadable PDFs and text (new lessons to be added).
    • Develop the skills you personally need.
    • Learn lessons at your own pace.
    • Reach your goals, one step at a time.
    • Martan Mann's "Private Lessons" Blog - This is a special video blog which will feature Martan casually describing many aspects of jazz piano. These lessons will be linked to the lessons that you are studying in the course.
    • Email contact with Martan is available.
    • Skype lessons with Martan are available. (This is included with Premium Subscription)
    • Webinars are planned for the near future.
    • Lots of extra supplements are being developed.
    • Search lessons by category or title.
    • Self-Evaluation questions provided to help you determine your mastery of each lesson.
    • JAZZ MASTERCLASS: Step-by-Step offers intensive stand-alone lessons on specific subjects.
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    JAZZ MASTERCLASS: Step-by-Step

    Martan Mann has created single stand-alone intensive lessons for the jazz pianist.   This series of lessons give step-by-step instruction in analyzing and developing specific skills tunes and styles.  This solves mysteries.  This gives answers Now!  You can choose your tune and/or style to develop it fully and creatively.  New Step-by-Step lessons are will be added soon.  These lessons are available for separate study (to view for three months) . . . and are also included with a subscription to JazzSkills for Piano.  This is a recurring payment.  You will receive an automatic renewal in three months.  If you decide not to continue discontinue your payment in PayPal at that time.

    Visit his website:  Musicmann.com to join his mailing list to stay current on the release of new lessons. These lessons assume that you already have basic skills as a jazz pianist.  If you need to work on your jazz skills . . . consider enrolling in martan's intensive online jazz piano course JazzSkills for Piano.  This course will definitely take you "From Here to There".  Visit JazzSkills for Piano to receive Four Free Videos.

    Here's a list of current lessons:

    • Learning Giant Steps for the Jazz Pianist
    • Modal Improv for the Jazz Pianist
    • Learning Stride Blues for the Jazz Pianist
    • Pachelbel Improv
    • Learning Boogie Woogie
    • Preparing to Play in All Keys
    • Preparing to Learn a Tune
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    Playing Piano has always been an avocation of mine. I love playing popular Jazz Standards as well as creating original music. What has helped me in my quest for self improvement, was my discovery of Martan Mann’s incredible array of piano videos that appeared on YouTube. What I learned from these videos opened up my eyes and ears to the kind of possibilities that would allow me to elevate my piano skills to a new level of professionalism that I could only previously hope for.  It appears that Martan has now incorporated his videos into a comprehensive internet course called “JazzSkills for Piano” which is sure to be a Godsend for the serious, aspiring Jazz Pianist.

    Shelly Dubow
    LA Pianist and President of Speedydog Corp.

    Martan is a great musician whose deep love of music comes through in everything he does. You can learn a lot from 
this Mann!

    Steve Wilson
    Music Professor, Cabrillo College

    Martan has an amazing depth of knowledge about jazz.  He shares that knowledge effectively and in a logical sequence with his students, inspiring them to reach their goals as improvisers and jazz musicians. It isn't always an easy journey but he never tires of finding new ways to bring each student along to the next level of expertise. I highly recommend this course.

    Diane Glazer
    Music Educator, Music for Minors, San Francisco Bay Area

    Martan Mann is one of the most exceptional jazz pianists I have ever worked with.  His extreme skill levels are matched equally by his artistic freedom and playfulness.
As a jazz vocalist, it's rare to find an accompanist with the ability to be fully supportive and simultaneously
fully inspiring. If I were going to study piano again, Martan would be my first and only choice as a teacher.

    Pamela Polland
    Jazz Vocalist, Maui

    What a great opportunity for aspiring pianists ANYWHERE to study with a jazz master!  This is like a guide to the vast “jazz piano universe” structured around today's technologies and tailored for a truly global classroom.  As a performer and an educator, Martan Mann’s wealth of experience, formidable chops, prodigious skill and knowledge make this deeply fundamental, yet comprehensive course the “YES!” a serious player needs to achieve their musical goals and aspirations.

    Sandra Marlowe
    Jazz Vocalist/Performing Artist/Educator, Morgan Hill, CA

    Martan Mann’s video series is the super-impressive unveiling of a mysterious, multi-layered subject: how to play jazz piano. Step by step, he demonstrates each aspect, building in sequence from the simplest foundation to the most sophisticated level of playing, making this one of the most thoroughly thought-out approaches to jazz study. Students of all levels will benefit, and it shouldn’t only be pianists who use this--Mann’s wisdom will apply to any instrument.

    Jeffrey Chappell
    Director of Jazz Studies, Goucher College Founder, Music Everybody Seminars

    Martan, I have reviewed your new course and you should be proud.  As a professional musician myself, I can tell you the loss I feel from not having a resource like this forty years when I was starting out.  It is a humbling to admit how much I learned from just reviewing your course even though I have been at this for so many decades.  As with so many things that you do in life, Martan, this is a real masterpiece.

    Rich Kelso
    Pianist, Photographer & Martan's student for 15 years

    If you want to get into jazz concept from the beginning and all the way to the deep end of the pool then I heartily recommend Martan Mann’s, Jazz Skills piano courses. I’ve been a professional pianist for over 40 years playing jazz, show tunes and teaching music. When I listen to Martan I am always inspired. His playing is rich with jazz harmonies, great lines and lots of groove. I like to believe I know a lot about playing piano after all these years but when I hear Martann play I always try to look over his shoulder and ask him a few questions about what he’s doing so I can add something new to my concept. The nice thing about his Jazz Skills course is he is explaining what he is doing for all jazz students.

    Glen Rose
    Pianist, entertainer, teacher

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