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Pachelbel Canon Improv®

by Martan Mann

In this course you will learn a step-by-step process for developing improvisation skills using the Pachelbel Canon.

Welcome to Pachelbel Canon Improv®

Pachelbel Canon is a very popular classical piece.  Because it uses a very specific bass line, it is a perfect introduction to improvisation on piano.  In this lesson we learn the basic bass pattern of Pachelbel.  Then we explore Open Voicings (Four-Part Harmony).  Then, we add in melody.  Finally we create a latin groove.  It’s all fun . . . and very doable.  However . . . you do need a basic knowledge of music theory and be a functioning pianist to fully enjoy this lesson.

To mention:  this lesson is part of my online jazz piano course, “JazzSkills for Piano” (www.jazzskillsforpiano.com).  If you are looking for a complete and serious course in jazz piano, this course is for you.  Also, JazzSkills will help you to gain the basic skills to develop Stride Blues skills.

I am happy to answer your questions and hear your suggestions and feedback.  Contact me at martan@jazzskillsforpiano.com.

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  • Four Videos Which Describe Each Step
  • Thirteen Learning Steps
  • PDF Music Examples
  • Learn Pachelbel Canon Music Theory and Improv Techniques and More

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