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The JAZZ MASTERCLASS: Step-by-Step lessons are individual jazz lessons by Martan Mann.  This is a great opportunity to experience the step-by-step lesson structure of the extensive online jazz course, JazzSkills for Piano.

The individual lessons are only 29.95.  (To study for three months)

  1. “Learning Giant Steps for the Jazz Pianist”
  2. “Modal Improv for the Jazz Pianist”
  3. “Learning Stride Blues for the Jazz Pianist”
  4. “Pachelbel Improv”
  5. “Learning Boogie Woogie”
  6.  “Preparing to Play in All Keys"
  7. “Preparing to Learn a Tune”

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What is JazzSkills for Piano?

Getting from Here to There . . .

Welcome to JazzSkills for Piano. No fooling . . . this is the most effective method to become a jazz pianist.  This is NOT a simplified quick & easy approach.  It is a deep consistent carefully planned method of learning jazz piano to develop the actual skills which will enable you to comfortably and creatively improvise jazz.  These lessons literally take you from  . . . here to there.  We start at the beginning with classical improvisation and move toward advanced jazz study.

In this method you are given specific lessons activities and information to place in your subconscious. Each small step is learned completely.  It is the subconscious which does the work.  Eventually it’s the subconscious which does all the playing!  You develop your jazz piano skills step by step at your own pace.  You have the joy of playing jazz!  This method works.  You will learn how to play jazz piano with my online lessons.  Let’s get started! (Pricing Below)

Who are you?

Examine the skills that you presently have . . . and then surmise what skills you want to achieve.  That will let you know which lessons need to be mastered first-second-third-etc.

For instance:

Beginning Pianist

If you are a beginning pianist who wants to start the improv process by learning theory, the theory and motion exercises are here to get you started.

Accomplished Pianist

If you are an accomplished classical pianist who wants to develop general improvisation skills, there are specific lessons just for you.

Teen Pianist

If you are a teen who is being introduced to jazz band, look for the specific lessons which will teach you how to comp . . . and how to solo.

Jazz Player

Are you a jazz player who wants to deepen your skills, there are advanced lessons for you.


Are you a vocalist who wants to back yourself, there are great lessons in developing comping skills.

Enjoy the fun of playing JAZZ!!!

Partial Course Contents

  • Learn triads, sevenths, open voicings and extended jazz chords
  • Develop beginning principles of improvisation
  • Practice many "Motion Exercises"
  • Learn the Cycle of Keys
  • Learn to play the Blues in different styles
  • Develop different jazz styles
  • Learn how to create a tune chart for deep learning
  • Study the TriTone Substitutions
  • Use Progressions
  • Study Groove Tunes
  • Develop comping and soloing skills
  • Improve your groove, rhythm and time
  • Develop bass lines
  • Develop your OWN piano style
  • Develop Modal Playing
  • And much more . . .

Get All Jazz Study Materials

  • Over 200 Video Lessons

    Each lesson develops one skill to be mastered by the subconscious.  You study what you need.

  • Downloadable PDFs and Text

    Each module has supporting materials to help you understand and master the lesson

  • Access to Your Instructor

    Have a question? Just send an email to Martan

  • Skype Lessons are available

    You can arrange to have personal lessons with Martan.

  • Step-by-Step Lessons

    The lessons are beautifully organized in step-by-step exercises.  You decide what you need.  You develop each step completely in the subconscious.

  • JAZZ MASTERCLASS: Step-by-Step

    These are individual jazz lessons.  You can order them individually.  (All the lessons are included with a JazzSkills for Piano subscription.)

  • The Private Lesson (Blog Posts)

    You can access The Private Lesson (blog) for new supplements and blog posts by Martan.

  • Search Functions

    There are many different ways to search for the information that you need.

  • Webinars

    Webinars are being planned for the near future.

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