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Learning Stride Blues for the Jazz Pianist®

by Martan Mann

In this course you will learn a step-by-step process for developing stride blues skills.

Welcome to Learning Stride Blues for the Jazz Pianist®

Stride Blues is a very popular way to play solo Blues piano.  It works well because the style contains the bass, comping and soloing.  Stride also works well in other jazz styles.

This course is not for beginners.  You will have to have basic knowledge in jazz theory and be a functional pianist.  It is suggested that you learn each step deeply and completely, this course will greatly help you to learn this style.  When music is subconscious, it is easy . . . and it is fun.

Also, it is strongly suggested that you listen to many recordings of stride.  Listen to the groove, the comping, the licks and the soloing.

To mention:  this lesson is part of my online jazz piano course, “JazzSkills for Piano” (www.jazzskillsforpiano.com).  If you are looking for a complete and serious course in jazz piano, this course is for you.  Also, JazzSkills will help you to gain the basic skills to develop Stride Blues skills.

I am happy to answer your questions and hear your suggestions and feedback.  Contact me at martan@jazzskillsforpiano.com.

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  • Four Videos Which Describe Each Step
  • Seventeen Learning Steps
  • PDF Music Examples
  • Learn Stride Blues Music Theory and Practice Techniques and More

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